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Amazing con was amazing. My last convention as a college student, and the last conf or a few other costumes, too!

I met amazing people
Wore great costumes
Got some nice stuff
Got promise ring'd
Some great photoshoots too!

Photos will come! I've also done a few photoshoots since then too.
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Whoops! The semester just ate me up! My last year of school and I had to write a thesis and a million other papers. But I'm done now.

Anyways, updates nobody cares about: I've started wearing Pinkie Pie more, so hopefully I'll have better pictures of her up soon.

I got an offer for a photoshoot at the end of January that pays $250/hr for 4-6 hours. I'm hella excited about it!! Not sure if I'll get any pictures back from it or anything, but it will still be fun.

Uploaded another picture.

Also thanks for the support everyone. I really, really appreciate it!
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Gondor is my right breast.

Rohan is my left.

Rivendell is my third nipple.

Mordor is my belly button.

The Shire is a bit south of that. :iconawesomefaceplz:
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So, Otakon was great! I had an amazing time. No drama, lots of catchup, lots of amazing costumes. I'm really quite pleased.

I did two photoshoots with :icondemonsfearme:, and I have some pictures of them up already. More will come.

I'm excited to get back into photoshoots!
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Otakon is looking up! :D

I'm going to be Pinkie Pie on Thursday & Sunday of the con. It'll be kind of casual, with a loli skirt that I already have and a few other things; I just need a PP shirt with her cutie mark and a raspberry pink wig, and I found places for both.

I mostly just need money for it. :( Work is giving me no hours, so I'm a bit strapped. But, I'll get through it.

Photoshoots will also happen; namely Ezio & Rosa, and Germany & Prussia with :icondemonsfearme:.

Hopefully I can do some cosplays too with Bri of :iconkclproductions: and some other friends.

Along with seeing all my other friends. I'm looking forward to hanging out with you guys. :D

BTW, is anybody interested in buying a long blue wig? ;D
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Buh. Otakon. My home con. I haven't missed the past five years, and I'm not going to miss this year. But a few things I'm not looking forward to:

- No new costumes because I'm broke

- Half the people I really want to see may not be able to go

- Without said people who may not go, I'm out two or three costumes

- None of the panels I was going to be in got approved

I was really looking forward to being Rosa again with my Ezio, but since she may not go, I don't want to be a lone Rosa. /foreveralone

I got a WWII uniform to spruce up for Prussia because I'm sick of doing Austrian Succession but without my Germany, I don't want to be all alone with the rabid Hetatards. DX Last year was hard enough. I'll probably still put it WWII Gil on though, since I have the damn thing.

So pretty much all I have is Navi. Which I love doing, don't get me wrong, but the whole weekend? Buh. I was also planning to put on Maylene again for Thursday/Sunday. Dunno yet.

Anyways, lemme know if you're going to Otakon. ;A; so I have friends to see~
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I jumped on the bandwagon and created a tumblr.

It doesn't have much on it now, but it will.


Follow me? And give me yours, so I can follow you!
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"I am primarily known for being just as annoying as I should be, and for kissing a crossdresser."

My cosplay career, basically. 8D

Ireland is fabulous. I want to live here.

Otakon will be exciting. More about that when I get home in June.
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Journal Entry: Sat Oct 9, 2010, 10:46 PM
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Soo, AUSA is right around the corner. I'm pretty excited, not even going to lie.

I'm reviving Belarus to (finally) get some good pictures with her. Going to be in the Ask a Nation panel, too. Never done anything like this before, but I'm pretty confident. Belarus is a pretty straightforward character. I am very excited to be her again! Believe it or not, I have missed her.

Austrian Succession Prussia will be thoroughly bloodied up and wounded by the time of the convention. I may not retire that costume after might be my next long-term project...every year I just add more and more to it, until it looks like Gilbert is a ginjinka of Versailles.

Rosa will be difficult. :| She's easy, but it's in that simplicity where I nitpick and fuss and stress. I already got a too-dark fabric.

Either way, it'll be a party. ;D

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Journal Entry: Sun Sep 5, 2010, 9:46 PM
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Just realized I hit over 12,000 views.

Thanks everyone. I love you guys so much! x3 <33


But seriously. You guys keep me going.


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Journal Entry: Wed Sep 1, 2010, 9:27 PM
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This is getting done tonight.

Fuck the muses, fuck the writer's block, fuck the excuses.

I'm getting this chapter done. It will be uploaded tomorrow at the latest.

The next chapter will come by the end of the week.

Now that I've written it down, I don't have an excuse.



Shazam. I'm two days late, so sue me. Life got in the way.

Long chapter is looong. Because I've been writing it for 9 months.

Kuro pictures will be updated...momentarily. :]

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On Writing...

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 9, 2010, 11:13 PM
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Since...May my muse has been dead.

Like, completely and utterly dead.

I have a nearly-completed chapter sitting in my inbox and every day I STARE AT IT for a little bit before suddenly feeling overwhelmingly tired and so I close the window and go back to looking at pretty clothes.

Ugh, I feel terrible. It's this...WEIGHT on my shoulders.

This writer's block has turned into a writer's mountain.

I need to get inspired...

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Otakon 2010 Review

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 3, 2010, 9:43 PM
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Otakon overall this year was a success! I enjoyed myself a lot. :D Some stressful situations, but overall it was FAAAAABULOUS. Here's the rundown.

-BEGBEGBEG my boss to let me off of work with success.
-Then rush to finish my costumes. Finally I have them all done!
-Adam comes to pick me up, and we're off to Annapolis...that much closer to the con!
-NIGHT TIME: "Adam, do you know where the Navi speakers are?" "Uh...lemme find them." "WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW EXACTLY WHERE THEY ARE???"
-ADAM CAN'T FIND THE SPEAKERS. I refuse to wear Navi without the speakers. I begin to despair as I may have to wear Prussia two days in a row.
-1am phone call to :iconkat326: asking if I can use her Scout speakers, with success. I LOVE YOU HUN YOU SAVED MY CON.

-12:30 we're off to the con. "It's so nice outside! 8D"
-As we arrive it POURS.
-Wait for the rain to stop and put on Maylene.
-Get in line with :iconstorms-in-orbit: and GASP, no outdoor line!!! Happy Maylene is happy!
-Hang around the con center, hit up California Tortilla, meet :iconheavensealed:, do a minishoot with EBK once the entire Trio is assembled. We look pretty badass, no lie.
-Hetalia monopoly was started, but disbanned once Germany wanted to buy all of the UN and swore he could pay for it by printing more money.
-Nighttime :iconkeikana: arrives and I awkwardly walk back with her and :iconheavensealed: to their room and try as hard as I can not to seem like some stalker person.
-Invite them back to my room for awesome 2-hour old pizza that actually tasted really good. We sit and talk about Funimation and Hetalia things. C:
-Adam is tired and says OUT, so we are ejected from the room. I go back to :iconstorms-in-orbit:'s room and we play a card game and talk about gossipy girly things.
-Go back to the room and TRY TO SLEEP BUT FAIL.

-Still can't sleep, so a 7:30am phonecall to :icondemonsfearme: seems to alleviate my problem. For the moment at least.
-Put on Prussia, feeling pretty good.
-RIPPED LEFT CONTACT HURTS LIKE A BITCH. However I refuse to take it out because cosplay > health.
-Meet with Spain aka :iconstorms-in-orbit: and stand in line like a BAMF.
-Get in, walk around. Meet with France aka :iconkat326: and proceed to be the Bad Friends Trio.
-Day is spent cruising the artist alley, looking out for Dr. Who and Assassin's Creed Cosplays, the dealer's room is awesome, and overall fucking around.
-Take out my contact by 2pm. It's like a shard of glass in my eye. I'm redeye-less but at least I can see properly without burning pain.
-Hetalia shoot at 2 I'm more or less inactive in because everyone has it under control. xD
-Later in the afternoon, :iconheavensealed:, :iconred-cluster:, :iconastachan:, :iconstorms-in-orbit:, and two others had an Austrian Succession photoshoot. HNNNGG TOO MANY GOD-TIER COSPLAYERS IN ONE PLACE NOT SURE I CAN TAKE IT. I wasn't in it, I mostly just sat in the back and tried to stay as calm and rational as I could.
-Then, dinner with everyone at Noodles & Co! We had fun passing around the painted shutter shades and being derps. By this time my blood pressure had returned to normal but I was still very excited.
-Afterwards :iconred-cluster: and :iconastachan: left, so it was the 4 of us to hang out. We went to the photo suite to see if we could get a spot, and while we waited we all danced to Lady Gaga. Apparently Prussia has some sweet dance moves. I DON'T KNOW.
-Called away on Friend Duty, but everyone else left.
-Late night trip to the Cheesecake Factory because slices were half off!!


-Wake up early, but EVERYONE IN MY ROOM IS STILL ASLEEP. Navi is a two person job. I spend a good 45 minutes trying to figure out how to figure this out, and how to get to my makeup and contacts on the sink when someone is sleeping in front of it.
-Put on Navi with the help of :iconstorms-in-orbit: in her room, and we're good to go with the speakers. THANKS AGAIN DEAR~
-Derp around as Navi for a little bit. Nothing is really going on. Spaz over more AC cosplayers and Dr. Who shenanigans.
-Leave the BCC around 1:40 so I can get my stuff for the Lolita Swap Meet.
-Say fuck it and go to the Hyatt where the Meetup is.
-Get a phone call, "OMG they have that skirt you wanted! :D" "WHERE ARE YOU?" "In the Sheraton!"
-find another few lolitas who are also lost and confused, alert them that the meetup is the clear other side of the BCC. WHILE EVERYONE IS STILL EVACUATED.
-I follow this lolita as she zips through the crowds like Altair, going out onto the streets and pushing through hundreds of stranded Otaku.
-WE FINALLY MAKE IT. JUST as I arrive we're asked to move and lose half of our group. SO SAD!! I saw SO many beautiful pieces that I couldn't have.
-by the time we finally settle down, we're down to about 10-15.
-I end up getting that skirt that I want though!!
-Head back to the hotel to rest, then RUSH back when I realize that I'm late for the Zelda shoot! Navi makes it just in time though. :D
-Meet up with :iconheavensealed: again and relax, rockin' out to vintage tunes.
-Scout and Navi photoshoot with :iconkat326:, which was interrupted by Jade showing me amazing photos of the shoot she had done earlier that day.
-Meet up with an old friend and chill in the room.
-They leave and :iconstorms-in-orbit: and :iconheavensealed: come to join us. We fag over Dr. Who stuff and discuss dinner plans.
-Eventually, dinner at the Cheesecake Factory with :iconheavensealed:, :iconstorms-in-orbit: and :iconkeikana:, on me because I can only imagine how cray-cray the day has been for them. x_x Sometimes good food & fun is all you need!
-Back to the BCC and more talks with friends, but by that time we're BEAT.


-Realize I'm impossibly sick and don't even try to cosplay.
-Hit the con center for some shopping. :iconstorms-in-orbit: was feeling down so I bought her more Dr. Who posters than any sane person should have. Also get gifts for :icondemonsfearme: and others.
-Back to the hotel to check out and pack up.
-Once that is squared away, BACK to the BCC to hit up the Artist Alley. Hit up :iconshadoboxxer: for the last time and say goodbye. Buy one or two more things.
-Then, chill with friends at the BCC and at the hotel.
-Around 4pm, head home!

WHEW! It was quite the con. Lots of ups and downs. I'm SORRY to anyone if I seemed a bit off or awkward. Sometimes I try too hard. ;_; I enjoyed meeting everyone, you all are delightful.

See you in 2011!

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Journal Entry: Sun Jul 25, 2010, 5:46 PM

My grandfather passed away last Tuesday. I don't feel so bad about it, or as bad as I thought that I would. I was able to say my last words to him, and it was perhaps one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. I was joking up the whole time. But, I'm glad that I was able to do it, since I know there are many people who don't have that.

BUT, that means that Otakon is a go! I'm going to make the best out of it. I'm going to be ridiculously happy for it and not let anything get me down.

Otakon is turning into Hetalia-con and it's really scaring the crap out of me! I'm not sure how I feel about it. I'm glad that on Saturday, the day when the big big gathering is going down and all the voice actors will be there and crap, I'm glad that I won't be in Hetalia. The day is going to be cray-cray and I'm fine not having anything to do with it! haha.

Here's my general schedule:


2:30-3:00 Check in, get in line!
8:00 Useless Servants Photoshoot
9:00 Hetalia monopoly!!

FRIDAY: Austrian Succession Prussia

10:00 Bad Friends Trio Photoshoot
1:00 Gen. Hetalia photoshoot
8:00 Dinner with Other Me~


2:00 Lolita Swap Meet!!
4:00 Gen. Zelda photoshoot
8:00 Navi & TF2 Scout photoshoot

Sunday: Maylene

That's my schedule so far...You can see I don't have a lot of things planned! I'm mostly going to just hang out with my friends, do a little bit of shopping, and have fun. I can't wait~

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Bleh, life

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 18, 2010, 10:38 AM

Prussia is nearly finished. His coat is done and I like it SO MUCH MORE than before! I just need to finish his spats. Maylene is coming along as well.

It's been rough, these past few weeks, from various things. My grandfather is dying and it could be any day now. My entire family is stressed out and it's rubbing on me. Just got over some stressful situations with friends, but those stitches are being mended.

I'm unsure about Otakon because of my grandfather. I will try everything in my power to go, because I would much rather spend my weekend being happy with friends than wearing black with family and relitives I have never met. However, it all depends on the time, of course.

Wish me luck, guys. I'll need all that I can to get through this.

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AS Prussia v 2.0

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 2, 2010, 10:40 PM
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So, I'm taking Prussia's coat and doing a major revamp of it.

I look at the coat and I DON'T LIKE IT. Like, at all. I bought it on eBay because I wanted it for Katsucon and the more I look at it now the more and more I resent it.

It all came to a head a few weeks ago on /cgl/ where I became so distraught over my Prussia that I basically called up :iconstorms-in-orbit: and started crying to her at 2 in the morning about how shitty my Prussia was, how I wasn't worthy of doing him (lol look at me) and how I was the worst Prussia because I didn't put any effort in the costume.

The moral of this story? Cosplay = serious business.

So I'm revamping the costume. Getting rid of that aweful gold bias tape, adding a nice trim, changing the...3 trim thingies (what are they called?) on his lapels and adding more iwth better trim and buttons.

I'm also adding a cape, and period accurate spats (black OTK with white buttons...yum). I'll *finally* have weapons (a rifle & sword), and the Prussian flag. It's still not historically accurate (in the SLIGHTEST), and that's one thing that is still driving me up a wall and trust me, if I had the skill and money I would just take a torch to that entire costume, dance in the ashes, and start from scratch.

Seriously if you only knew the blood, sweat, and tears that have gone into this...Lord. I can't wait until Liechtenstein.

This will be interesting. I hope to not disappoint, and I hope to actually have pride in my costume. I have him down in character...however I just don't feel it in the actual costume.

Wish me luck!!

EDIT: Also, nobody knew what time the Hetalia photoshoots were so I made up the times. I hope this doesn't mean that I have to actually be there to organize it. All though I probably will.

I'll bring a megaphone to control the masses. :| Prussia's been through wars, he can handle a crowd of Hetalia cosplayers! (I think!)

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Back from Italy!!

Journal Entry: Fri May 21, 2010, 5:23 PM
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  • Reading: my own handwriting. x_X

I have returned! It was an immense amount of fun, I had my lifetime dose of bothering :iconathelloren-wardancer: because she was practically my I saw everything that there was to see and took over 700 pictures! I've only updated a few, though. ;)

Sunday I have a photoshoot with most of the people I've cosplayed so'll see what I"m talking about when I upload pictures! I can't wait!

Okay, back to writing this stupid chapter. x_x


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Raaawr Update

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 22, 2010, 6:21 PM
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So, I'm home from college [thank god]. The semester was...interesting. Lots of good things, lots of bad things.

I'm going to Italy on Monday for 3 weeks and I'm bringing :iconkat326:'s Feliciano wig so when I'm there I'll take some pictures as casual!Feliciano. I'll have pictures when I come back!

Also I've decided (due to peer pressure from :iconathelloren-wardancer:) to be Yukimura from Sengoku Basara for Otakon 2011. I'm *planning* on doing his full red outfit but that means that a) between now and then I'll need to learn how to do armor, and b) I'll need to get some abs in the next year. Sooo I'll be working out a lot!

But who knows what the final outfit will look like. >< Going to Ireland will really hinder my funds and time, so I can't promise anything.

Wish me luck!

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Tagged by My Other Half

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 17, 2010, 6:48 PM
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Tagged by :icontheanimegeek:, the other Prussia of my life <3

1) Post the rules
2) Each tagged person tells 8 things about themselves
3) At the end, tag 8 people and put their icon in your journal
4) Then go to their page and leave a comment saying you tagged them
5) No tag back

1.) I like anime and have an obsession for cute things. However, I repress it like a homosexual in the medieval ages. And by repressing it, I mean that I feel really bad when I read kink memes and fanfiction. Even when there's nobody around.

2.) I'm known for my sense of humor and outgoing-ness, but when someone compliments me on it I get very flustered and don't know what to say.

3.) I idolize the male archtype in novels & movies. I simply can't get into a series/fandom if the protagonist is a woman. Dispite this, I still prefer to cosplay females over males.

4.) I'm a lolita. I'm the only lolita in my area but I still follow the fuckin' rules because you're supposed to do that, yo.

5.) I'm a Psych major/Soc minor and I want to work with eating disorders and sleep disorders. I LOVE abnormal psychology.

6.) My favorite colors are pink, black, and white.

7.) I'm bisexual. I <3 my wimmenz but all my courting efforts seem to go right over their heads.

8.) I have almost no sense of smell and a very poor sense of taste.

:iconstorms-in-orbit: :icondemonsfearme: :iconpirateswoop: :iconkat326: :iconathelloren-wardancer: :iconshadoboxxer: :icondarkestelemental616: and whoever else!

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